Why organizations should deploy the intelligent Cisco NGIPSv technology

Why organizations should deploy the intelligent Cisco NGIPSv technology

Robust security of today’s virtualized IT networks requires intelligent automation, contextual awareness, detection of potential threats, greater control and visibility. All of these features are offered by Cisco NGIPSv, which has extended the usability of Cisco’s next generation NGIPS plus the industry-leading FirePOWER technology.

Low Ownership Cost

This state-of-the art intrusion prevention solution is specifically formulated by Cisco engineers for VMware.

The users have flexibility to further expand their security with:

  • URL filtering
  • Control & Greater visibility over apps
  • Advanced Malware Protection

These robust features can be included with simple license subscriptions. The threat detection accuracy, performance and inspection of Cisco FirePOWER have become industry benchmark.Cisco

Server Virtualization

This intelligent solution brings numerous benefits like in-time data availability, fast connectivity, low operating expense and flexible deployment of networking devices. Keep in mind that this approach can also pose security threats to your network system including:

  • VM sprawl; the virtual devices might not coordinate adequately.
  • Configuration errors; security or other network functions that were controlled separately are mostly controlled through a single platform.
  • Blind spots; Configuration and other changes made to the networking topology might remain undetected.

Ideal Solution for Security Threats

Above mentioned virtualization risks can be prevented cost-efficiently with Cisco NGIPSv. IT can be deployed conveniently in all complex networks. Virtualized NGIPS provides the advantage of remote configuration and management of attached devices. As a result, the IT managers can boost security of all virtual & physical appliances.

Majority of the system management tools do not have the capability to detect configuration/topology changes in virtualized network. So, you would be unaware of the security exposures.  Get up-to-date knowledge about these alterations with Cisco NGIPSv, and proactively figure out solutions to the potential threats. All malicious activities are intelligently identified and blocked, thus ensuring highest level of security between individual VMs & virtual environments. Enjoy the benefits of improved visibility and control over business-critical processing networks.

Benefits of Cisco NGIPSv for VMware

The physical appliances might not satisfy or efficiently handle every use case. Moreover, the increased deployment and operational cost of physical networks make virtualization an economical option for fast-paced environments.

On the other hand, Software operates the virtual devices. So this technology can efficiently perform the functions that are not possible with physical devices. Network administrators can use it for:

  • Monitoring of network traffic
  • Preventing security threats
  • Strengthening security at remote sites
  • Configuring network segments at retail locations
  • Managing NGIPS devices (both virtual & physical). This can be easily done thanks to the state-of-the-art Cisco FireSIGHT solution.

In addition to efficient inspection of network traffic between VMs, the users of NGIPSv can view and control PII personally identifiable information. Get instant notifications about malicious traffic. This leading-edge technology is perfect for:

  • Small remote office, retail stores
  • PCI critical servers 6.3.2
  • Real-time networks
  • VMware ESXi 5.x
  • Security Service providers
  • Organizations with Distributed IT networks
  • Demanding Networks with limited hardware (outdoor environments, automobiles etc)
  • VM discovery
  • Cloud environments
  • Organizations with limited data center space
  • Business enterprise requiring lengthy hardware certifications
  • Training networks


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