SAN Storage Arrays S2200 and S3200 for SMBs by Lenovo

SAN Storage Arrays S2200 and S3200 for SMBs by Lenovo

Lenovo Storage S2200 SAN Array for SMBs-Front View

At Lenovo Tech World 2015 in Beijing, Lenovo announced the launch of two new SAN storage arrays, the S2200 and the S3200. These arrays are specially designed for small and midsized businesses (SMBs) with better performance and lower ownership cost.

The Lenovo S2200 SAN storage array features single controller in a 2U form factor with 12-drive configuration while S3200 SAN storage array features dual controller in a 2U form factor with 24-drive configuration. The S2200 is capable to support up to 96 total drives, while the S3200 is can support up to 192 total drives. Both systems come with Fiber Channel, SAS and iSCSI connectivity options. In addition, the S3200 is capable to support multi-protocol connectivity, allowing simultaneous use of Fiber Channel and iSCSI.

Lenovo Storage S3200 SAN Array for SMBs-Front View

Lenovo has used new technology called “Intelligent Real-Time Tiering” to increase the performance of flash storage by prioritizing frequently accessed data as it “automatically moves data to higher performing drives every five seconds that increases storage performance”. These feature make S3200 capable to provide up to 120,000 IOPS, close to All-Flash-Array (AFA) performance, but at much lower cost than the equivalent flash only system.

These arrays offer Rapid RAID Rebuild, which minimizes recovery time when rebuilding the RAID array that insures reliability. Lenovo has introduced a new snapshot feature that captures point-in-time performance status of live data without effecting performance of array. Both arrays are equipped with redundant power supplies and hot-swappable fans and drives. This ensures that individual hardware failures will not bring the array down, and that fixes can be made with zero downtime while the systems continue to run without having to migrate data.

The new Lenovo S2200 and S3200 SAN arrays are available worldwide for purchase.


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