Review of Sony VPL-HW40ES0 Home Theater Projector

Review of Sony VPL-HW40ES0 Home Theater Projector

For years Sony upholds its legacy of making high quality home projectors. However high escalated prices prove to be stumbling block for potential buyers regardless of projectors’ high performance.

Conversely, Sony has just come up with a new home theater projector the VPL-HW40ES a1080 SXRD home theater projector which potentiate the persuasion of buyers by its affordable price. Increasing in its value being an affordable product by Sony it also comprises all the best-loved features of expensive machines such as reality creation, Motion flow, and a 1.6:1 zoom lens with H/V lens shift. HD films further ornaments the video.

Moreover Image and video quality is sunny and natural with well-balanced excellent and clarity of detail.

Heavenward the HW40ES starts up in cinema Film 1 made. Lustrous image made is exceptional and is worthy

When ambient light is present, it is not difficult to calibrate cinema Film 1, but those who want to in the words of the great huckster Ron Popeil, set it and forgot it” can use Reference mode. These words can ably provide more accurate picture.

Sony perpetually advances in technology. Denial from Sony detail enhancement system is evitable. Sony’s system is one of the corking available.

VPL-HW40ES0The prominent features that score differentiation for HW40ES are 1920*1080p resolution, 16:9 aspect Ratio, full HD 3D and SXRD technology.

One of the defining feature of Sony’s home theater models is their low for noise. The HW40ES is almost noiseless with the lamp set to low power and even at full power it’s difficult to hear the projector in operation if you are distant some feet. The less noisy quality makes it a sound projector for small room or theater.

Coming towards the profound features i.e. lamp life, the HW40ES is not lagging behind. Its estimated lamp life is 2000 hours at full power.

$2499 last but above all the price reasonable seeks the attention of buyers towards it

To sum up Sony is a well and trusted company since its inception.

Giving warranty of three years it further put a strong step on the ground of trust. VPL-HW40ES surely be an extraordinary experience for its buyers


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  1. I was searching for purchasing NEC projector but in google search i found this post and after reading this post I have change of mind. Now I have decided to purchase this Sony VPL-HW40ES0 Home Theater Projector.


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