Overview of Cisco TelePresence Server

Overview of Cisco TelePresence Server

Cisco TelePresence Server is a products of Cisco Video Conferencing range. It gives an experience of high performance, business-quality video conferencing. It is installed at the core level of the Cisco collaboration structure, giving support to the Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms along with Cisco TelePresence Management Suite, Cisco TelePresence Conductor and Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center can be used to facilitate users for expanding on-premises deployment of Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms.

You can enjoy a meeting using audio, video, and content sharing, from any desktop pc, mobile, or room system with Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms. It allows you to join one-on-one discussions, personal meeting or always-on meeting rooms.

A wide range of embedded controls and indicators enables you to customize your meeting experience. You can easily customize your favorite layout, security controls, and see who is in your meeting.

Cisco TelePresence Server can be used to:

  • Cut costs and simplify maintenance and provisioning
  • Extend video collaboration to all employees, from desktop pc, mobile, or room-based systems
  • Get unified collaboration system deployment
  • Increase productivity, enabling teams work together more effectively
  • Bring your employees together in live CMRs, schedule meetings, or start instant discussions

You can choose between a virtualized setup on:

  • Cisco Business Edition platforms
  • Cisco Multiparty Media 410v Server and Multiparty Media 410v Blade Server

Or choose a dedicated hardware option, such as a Cisco MSE 8000 chassis with the Multiparty Media 820 blade or Cisco Multiparty Media 300 Series appliance, for a high-capacity solution.


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