LG 65UF9500 4K LCD Smart TV Review

LG 65UF9500 4K LCD Smart TV Review

The 65UF9500 4K 65″ LCD Smart TV belongs to the LG’s flagship line of 4K UHD TVs for 2015.

The Good

The Bad

Excellent smart-TV interface Quirky stand
Good color Less-than-perfect contrast
Zippy remote control Pricey
Robust audio
3D support, with glasses included


The LG’s 65UF9500 65-inch LCD TV uses an edge-lit design with local dimming that increases the amount of visible detail in shadowy scenes. This LCD TV uses the company’s webOS software to coordinate smart-TV–connected services and its picture settings, which are more advanced features that you’ll hardly find on competing sets.
The LG 65UF9500 uses a passive system for viewing 3D programs, that allows users to view through lighter glasses like those usually found in movie theaters. To make the TV stand out in showrooms, and in your living room, LG has also given the set an unusual design. While pricey, overall, the 65UF9500 is worth the splurge for those who want a 4K set that’s as easy to use as it is on the eyes.
The LG 65UF9500 LCD TV has a chrome-trimmed bezel thin that disappears in a darkened room. It’s just 2 inches thick and weighs just over 56 pounds. The accompanying chrome tabletop stand is extremely stable and solid.


The LG 65UF9500 LCD TV includes four HDMI ports, optical for audio, component and composite video inputs, an Ethernet jack, a RF (coaxial) input for antenna or cable, and built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

Image Quality

Overall, the LG 65UF9500 delivers a good 4K picture and is capable to upscale lesser HD material. This television uses a particular type of LCD panel called an IPS display. The IPS technology approach improves viewing angles but can have a deleterious effect on contrast.


The LG 65UF9500 LCD TV features a webOS software for its smart TV functions. The OS graphics are attractive, making it a pleasure to use. LG has updated the OS software slightly in this television and added a quad-core processor to speedup programs.


The LG 65UF9500 LCD TV comes with Magic Remote Control, which is like a wireless mouse that you wave to direct the on-screen cursor. After a little practice, you will become addicted to how quick and responsive this remote is compared to conventional IR remotes.

Bottom Line

The LG 65UF9500 is a perfectly capable ultra-HD TV that delivers a head-turning design and wide viewing angles, although the contrast could be better.

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