Introduction to Nexus 1000v Features and Deployment

Introduction to Nexus 1000v Features and Deployment

IT professional managing today’s complex and busy networks most often need to debug & troubleshoot at VM-level. In addition, they want simplified operations and greater visibility for their virtual networks.


High Performance Virtual Networking

Cisco Nexus 1000V is the intelligent switching solution that delivers smooth scalability and superior performance at VM level. Network admins enjoy multitenant services, highest level of security and scalability with new high-tech appliances. Moreover, this switch allows:

  • Seamless Extension of network
  • Integration of widest range of virtual devices as well as hypervisor.
  • Supports SDN (Software Defined Networking).
  • To built a solid platform for cloud solutions.
  • Higher operating reliability with Cisco’s Open Network Environment.

Cisco SwitchesCisco has introduced leading-edge features to improve reliability and provides scalable solutions for VMware. Few of the key benefits are:

  • Flexibility to incorporate vSphere hypervisor
  • Improved virtualization with Cisco routers
  • vCloud Director
  • Supports Cisco’s advanced service
  • Manamagent Consistency
  • Simplified Network Structure
  • Greater control and Efficient Policy Management

Superior Value of Virtual Network Services

Excellent option of incorporating Cisco vPath architecture that will help elevate networking services (Layer 4, 5, 6, 7) in all types of demanding cloud systems and virtual devices.

vPath 2.0 helps enhance reliability of multiple virtual services by directing the network traffic. So the entire services can be converged on to a single traffic flow.

Other benefits of Cisco vPath are:

  • Servers performing operations in layer-2 domains can seamlessly communicate, even if there domains are not same.
  • Implementation of highly secure policies
  • Superior Cloud Services
  • Supports Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN)
  • With inclusion of Cisco InterCloud, the Nexus 1000V users can take advantage of secure hybrid clouds.

Nexus 1000V Essential Edition

For basic switching features, network administrators can count on this version. It is highly recommended for the customers of Essential Edition solution to   purchase Cisco’s TAC technical support.

Nexus 1000V Advanced Edition

The next high-tech solution works excellently with Virtual Security Gateway and is equipped with highly-robust security features.

There are two modules of Nexus 1000V Series. Below are the highlights of these components:

VSM Virtual Supervisor Module

Nexus 1000V VSM switches are intelligently engineered to handle the workload of various VEMs. Therefore, a single logical switch can efficiently perform the tasks of line card modules. Biggest advantage is that All VEMs operating in physical server environments can be controlled with VSM.

The IT administrators had to manage/configure each switch, but this single interface can be used for configuring all VEMs. The configurations are automatically propagated, thus improving overall management.

VEM Virtual Ethernet Module

This module is a smart replacement for VMware Virtual Switch, as it operates seamlessly with ESXi kernel/ ESX. Cisco and VMware worked together to design a new intelligent vDS (vNetwork Distributed Switch). It has become a market-leading technology for improving networking functionalities of virtual appliances.


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