How to Install and Use VoIP at Home

How to Install and Use VoIP at Home

How to Install and Use VoIP at Home

VoIP is the latest and low cost method of linking your home phone system to the outside world. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) now bundle VoIP calling with their internet packages. Depending on the service provider, VoIP services may or may not collect taxes and regulatory fees. If your VoIP service is bundled with your internet package by a traditional telecommunications company, you will be paying the additional fees for VoIP services that will be approx. $30-40 per month.

In this article, I’ll guide you how to combine your internet connection, inexpensive network hardware, and a free Google Voice account.

There are many IP Telephony operators such as; Googlevoice, Vonage, Axvoice etc. which offer highly inexpensive IP Telephony services to make calls not only in the US, but to a large number of countries over the globe.

Once you are subscribed for a service with any IP Telephony service provider such as Axvoice, you will have to install the VoIP system at your home. See the following simple installation procedure for installing VoIP at your home.

The required equipment:

  1. A reliable internet connection with high speed
  2. Router
  3. Touchtone Phone

VoIP installation includes:

  1. Broadband phone adapter of the service provider
  2. Ethernet Cable
  3. AC Power Adapter

Installation Process:

  1. Get your service provider’s adapter out of the box, and turn off all the devices.
  2. Connect one part of Ethernet cable with the LAN port (RJ-45) of the adapter and connect the other side of the cable with your networking router.
  3. Connect the telephone cable into the telephonic port (RJ-11) of VoIP adapter, and connect other side of the cable to any type of available traditional telephones.
  4. Plugin the AC power adapter to the VoIP adapter.
  5. Switch on your internet connection on. After a little delay, turn on the VoIP adapter as well.
  6. You will find a green light blinking, which shows connection status.
  7. When the light blinking ends, your connection is ready to make VoIP calls.

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