How to Conserve Printer Paper Usage

How to Conserve Printer Paper Usage

These days sustainability is a major issue for many businesses, there are many simple ways to reduce costs by conserving paper usage. Given below are some easy ways SMB and enterprises can adopt for having a large impact on operating costs of the business.

  1. Using print preview mode for proofreading is a good practice and ensures that you are printing only required item. Printing of Excel files are the largest culprit of paper waste. Checking the print preview can save paper usage.
  2. The world is digital now. Use of email, Internet and soft copies can help reduce paper use. Many private businesses and even government organizations are strictly adopting use of digital communication. Sharing of data over the internet is also easy.
  3. Use of light ink can also help in less usage of paper. The text output on paper will be lighter, but will be clear enough to read. Use of light ink will make it possible to reprint on the other side of the paper.
  4. Try to print only those pages you need. It is very common to print 10 pages document, when you only need fifth. Make a practice to select only required pages before printing any document, this will reduce in paper costs as unnecessary pages will be omitted. This habit will reduce paper expenses up to 70%.
  5. Use double sided print option while printing documents. It can reduce paper usage up to 50%. Set your printer by-default to double-sided printing. Use one-sided printing only when required for professional proposals. If any paper is printed on one side, reuse it for the next print job.
  6. If you have a printer with multiple trays feature, set one tray for recycled papers. Put all one sided papers in that tray for reusing.
  7. The thickness of paper can increase cost of paper. Make a practice to use 40 grams paper. Buy paper wisely and create a policy to buy only paper made from mostly recycled materials.

Reducing paper usage is a simple and easy way to reduce unnecessary costs for any business. It also reduces the use of valuable other resources needed to print paper.


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