Cloud Benefits for a Small Business

Cloud Benefits for a Small Business


Cloud computing allows you to store and access your crucial data and programs outside of your own network environment. You do not need to store your data and program on your personal computer, it is stored in the ‘cloud’. This could include data files, applications, databases and email services.

A common terminology to define cloud computing is renting versus buying. In cloud computing services, you rent storage capacity (access to software or server space) from a cloud service provider that is connected over the internet. With cloud computing, instead of purchasing your own IT hardware and software, you are renting space from a cloud service provider and paying for only the resources you use.

Cloud computing has 4 basic models in terms of different security and access options. Before renting space from any cloud service provider, you will need to go through all the models and select the best that works best for your business and data needs. In cloud computing environment, traditional computers and servers are used that are hosted them online. Following are the 4 basic models of cloud computing services:

  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Community Cloud

Here are five key benefits of cloud computing for any small business:


Cloud computing is a perfect opportunity to reduce IT expenditures, as you do not need to purchase costly IT hardware and software products. There’s no upfront cost for using cloud-based services and you can run on a pay-as-you-go basis.


The cloud service provider will be responsible for security of your data. The provider will keep your data more secure than your small business ever could. Losing access to your computer or your company’s files could potentially be a disaster. With the cloud services, all your data is safe and fully accessible, no matter what happens and wherever you are.


Cloud-based systems are easy to manage and you don’t need to switch to a new system if your business needs upgrade. Your systems can also be upgraded and maintained remotely, so you can upgrade your system in less time.


The cloud can change the way your business operates. Cloud computing offers a better way of collaboration, flexible working and information sharing than hosting all your files and software in one place. A cloud-based communications system can deliver all the same features as a traditional landline PBX for less cost and with all the advantages of the cloud.


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