Discover Features & Capabilities – Cisco Catalyst 3750-X Layer 3 Switch

Discover Features & Capabilities – Cisco Catalyst 3750-X Layer 3 Switch

The Cisco Catalyst 3750-X Series Switches have been around for many years now. The 3750-X series switches combine plenty of features that will be familiar to users of its predecessors with some latest new features that are clearly a step forward to advance networking.

The traditional 3750 had 4 Gigabit SFP ports in addition to the 48 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports; the 3750-X instead is provided with a slot into which you can install either a 4 port Gigabit SFP daughter-board or a 2 port 10Gigabit SFP board. Different models of Catalyst 3750-X switches are available between 12 and 48 ports, with or without Power over Ethernet.

Alongside the port combinations, these switches support 3 software. The LAN Base software is a layer-2 software image, if someone only want layer-2 functionalities then I’ll never recommend for purchasing this switch due to its high cost. The IP Base image is a layer-3 software image which makes the device a proper Layer-3 routing switch with a limited selection of routing protocols. The very sensitive is the IP Services image, which makes the unit capable of routing.

The rear panel is interesting, as it has 2 stack ports. Each stack port provides a 16Gbit/s connection, and by stacking 2 switches in a loop you will get a resilient 32Gbit/s backplane connection.

Cisco WS-C3750X-48T-LThe most interesting rear-panel innovation with the new 3750-X model is the availability of redundant power supplies. In the old models there was only a single, fixed power supply along with an RPS (Redundant Power Supply) connection. The new 3750-X model has dual slots for removable Power Supply Units.

The only downside found so far in the new 3750-X products, in fact, is with trying to get the new 3750-X model to co-exist in a stack with the old 3750-G.

The 3750-X is a sensible evolution in an already popular family of switches in the Cisco family. Being a Cisco device there is really no difference management-wise between the old and the new switches, so you get new features with almost zero additional technical training requirement.

Cisco 3750-X Series Switches comes up with following key features:

  • Provide identity-based access control with TrustSec
  • Transition smoothly to IPv6 with full hardware support
  • Gain efficient power management with Cisco StackPower technology
  • Protect against malicious behavior with Flexible NetFlow



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