Cisco ASA Firewall solutions have become even more Robust with Sourcefire Next-Gen Firewall

Cisco ASA Firewall solutions have become even more Robust with Sourcefire Next-Gen Firewall

Cisco officials are now more concerned about delivering high-tech security products and the aim is to become a technical-leader in enterprise IT solutions as well. That is why the company is busy in acquisitions and working on more breakthrough technologies.

Good news is that Cisco has improved security and performance of its security solution with integration of breakthrough firewall technology by Sourcefire. The company has been acquired by Cisco for $ 2.7 billion. This collaboration will help Cisco users to overcome advanced threats and make proactive decisions.

Cisco Firewall & FirePower

ASA firewall solutions by Cisco have high market share and are the foremost choice of network administrators for all complex, busy environments.

Cisco FirewallsNow users will enjoy more robust security and greater flexibility, thanks to the incorporation of state-of-the-art FirePower service of Sourcefire. This security solution empowers the administrators with automated tools and dynamic controls for protecting and configuring networks. The organizations will be able to

  • Strengthen security for specific end-points
  • Detect threats
  • Seamlessly integrate new devices

Network administrators were clamoring for new flexible security solutions, and this next generation technology will provide them full visibility across all hosts and business apps. The advanced and multi-vector threats can be easily handled with its dynamic controls.

More Cost-efficient

All of the benefits mentioned above can be enjoyed with any headache of infrastructure complexity. These functionalities will help establish a solid platform for continues scanning, identification and prevention of malicious attacks.

More Secure

For long-term consistency, security at all edges of network and data center are critically essential. With this enterprise solution, the organizations can be rest ensured of reliable security for WAN, cloud environments, complex data centers and to all end-points to any device.

ASA firewall and FirePower together form a strong architecture that covers all areas in broadest range of large to small networks.

Seamless Growth

There has been a rapid growth in security business. Cisco enjoyed remarkable 29% increase in security business during the second quarter of 2014 in comparison to that of the previous year 2013. Growth according to the next year’s forecast would be in double digits.

ASA 5500 firewall series is now combined with the Advanced Malware security and the leading-cutting Intrusion Prevention solution by Sourcefire. The organizations can block threats and for those companies that have already been hit by the malicious attack can also quickly get back on track.

Firewall solutions offered by the competitors are mostly unable to tackle the zero-day and other malicious attacks. The reason is their increased focus on apps & policy control.

Cisco solution is more advantageous because it:

  • Focuses more on threats
  • Offers more visibility
  • Provides users more control over virtual machine communication
  • Is well-suited for all operating systems
  • Supports all types of network appliances
  • Works excellently with Cisco’s FireSight

The network administrators can go for the following two combinations:

  • ASA 5500 or 5585 X series (it features FirePower Services license)
  • FirePower Services can also be enabled on the above mentioned firewall products by purchasing the services directly from Cisco


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