An Overview of Cisco Switches

An Overview of Cisco Switches

Cisco has a wide variety of network switches that differ in features from each other. For better network performance you need to deploy switch that meets your requirements. It will also help you in cost saving.

In this post I’ll give you an overview of all Cisco Switches lines that will help you in selecting your required product for your network.

Cisco 2960X Series

The Cisco 2960X series is the cheapest line of Cisco switches, but it doesn’t mean that it is low in performance. A Cisco 2960X series switch is an excellent starter switch for a small sized business. This Layer 2 / Layer 3 switch features 24 or 48 ports, static routing, 4×1-Gigabit or 2×10-Gigabit uplinks, and optional PoE/PoE+ support.

Cisco 2960XR Series

The Cisco 2960XR series come with advance features as compared with the Cisco 2960X series: Cisco 2960XR comes with IP Lite IOS software set offering dynamic routing, and it allows for hot-swappable battery replacement. These features make the 2960XR better option for larger networks.

Cisco 2960CX Series

The Cisco 2960CX series is basically designed for mobile operations. It is the lightest, smallest, and most quiet device from Cisco. These are fanless switches particularly well-suited for portable use, and are designed to go anywhere such as at conferences and trade shows. They include up to eight Ethernet ports, four Gigabit uplinks, and are a good choice for small business startups.

Cisco 3650 Series

The 3650 series is one of the most popular lines of Cisco, simplifying operations with the reliability you need, boasting speed, options, and affordability. These units come with up to four 10-Gigabit uplinks and forty-eight Ethernet ports, providing plenty of bandwidth, with FlexStack stacking options.

Switches of Cisco 3650 series also include a Wi-Fi controller software, making them effective as the top-rack solution for a growing SMB.

Cisco 3560CX Series

Cisco 3650CX is an upgraded version of the 2960CX, packs surprising speed into portable, silent packages. These units include up to twelve Ethernet ports, as well as two 10-Gigabit uplinks, with options for static or dynamic routing as well as PoE.

These units are great for a range of implementations in portable applications, small offices, and ad-hoc unit that moves around a business as needed.

Cisco 3850 Series

The Cisco 3850 is a powerful and heavy duty switch series specially designed for deployment in medium-to-large sized organizations. These units offer support for StackWise-480 stacking of up to twelve units at once and up to 40Gbps of backplane per unit. Modular uplinks feature is also provided supporting a wide variety of copper and fiber options. Systems integration and granular packet control is now possible with the help of superior software support.

All models come with built-in Wi-Fi controller capable of managing up to 50 access points. Two model variations even allow for 24 SFP+ ports, making this an effective aggregation solution for fiber-focused operations.

Cisco 4500 Series

The Cisco 4500 units are the most widely-deployed modular access chassis in the organizations. The Cisco 4500 is the best choice for data centers, global businesses, government bodies, universities, and other organizations in need of the best combination of reliability, scalability, speed, and the capacity for thousands of users. These units offer switching capacity up to 928Gbps and their modular design helps keep costs down, while focusing each unit on your specific needs.


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